1. Managing Director
Sandie Springer

World Class Training and Care For Horse and Rider
Whether you are starting a horse that has never jumped before or addressing a particular problem with your horse's jumping, this training venue allows you to educate, analyze and problem solve at the same time.  This training method will help you in realizing your horse’s strengths and weaknesses.  You will discover what are your horse's natural pace, posture and tendencies.  The results are an anxiety free horse that you have allowed to feel their way through their issues -- in their own time and space. The before and after videos demonstrates why this is the most effective and positive training method I ever developed.

Thom offers “Round Pen Training for horses that jump and a Round Pen Certification Program.  Round pen training is one of Thom's  hallmark techniques.  This program allows you to understand and observe your horse’s natural strengthens, weaknesses, and behaviors. The rider will be able to quickly decode the horse’s behavior and develop an intimate and unique relationship. The art and craft of partnering with your horse is well-known and acknowledged throughout the industry by both professionals and amateurs alike.

Thom's  “Round Pen Training Certification” program will educate the rider on how to train, ride, and jump the horse correctly. The rider will learn about the appropriate tack, behaviors and tendencies, body language, voice commands, and to prepare the horse for jumps in perfect form. Your certification will allow you to train others in this method.